26 Juni 2008

Testimonial Using Linux

This is several days since i decide to migrate my OS choice to Linux (Debian Core/Ubuntu) OS. Firstly I must reinstall my Linux OS because a wrong setting in my /opt folder also i was unable to get it right as the OS itself want! why did i Know It? i know it since it was unable to boot normally or it was unable to log me in correctly. Ya, I think that's no problem because i myself is still in learning process. Also i would like to thank for Ubuntu team who has so kindly deliver the CDs freely to me and all of people request it anyone interested in it, just freely come here but all u have to do is just give some time to register or if you have a broadband Internet connection you may try it here

Everything is totally different and so light. That was the first impression when i come with my plain mind. Everything i have ever worried of 'migrating' my OS choice isn't happen as I've pretended before. The thing remain in my mind is why i don't try to migrate to Linux soon as i received the CD few months ago.
With this new one, I'm able to surf faster, download files easily and more interested in it. believe it or not, this using this distro, I'm able to download files 3x faster than usual. I'm not kidding when i say that using Ubuntu is faster. I'm really feeling it. with it i could hear for the music directly from AOL music without any trouble. i haven't feel the same with my formerly OS. may be if i in the broadband connection, this will no effect at all because it maybe no difference between high speed in Win or in Lin.
i recommend this opensource software for all people in the world. Thanks Lin!!

4 komentar:

masenchipz mengatakan...

wow... i like ur logatzzz

redjoel mengatakan...

thxx bro!!

knalpot mobil mengatakan...

nice artikel gan...cocok buat saya...

Ibu Alvina mengatakan...

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